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Welcome to Section 42

Nerinth Sector, also known as Section 42: The darker, more mysterious portion of the Beta Quadrant. Sitting quietly in the center is the V'lonian Expanse, situated between Federation, Romulan, and Klingon territory. Here lies the recently completed Camelot Asteroid Base. Run by Captain Senrah and Lieutenant Commander Jaden Gallentine, it serves as the 42nd Fleet Director of Operation's flagbase.

Camelot is a near invisible hub for research and development of all kinds, and is a great location for important events in the fleet. The base is shrouded in mystery and secrets, however, and has its watchful eye on D'luc V, home of the Nivian Prison Facilities and Nimuth Romulan Refugee Colony, and the turbulent Romulan Star Empire.

Beneath the asteroid base spins D'luc VI, or New Arsol. Almost two years out of her time, Commodore Halaris Imorious, the USS Shadow’s Commanding Officer, supervises the newly established Starfleet Planetary Base on New Arsol, the new home to the displaced Arsolians.

New secrets will be discovered, and created. New friendships forged. Previously overlooked and ignored corners of space explored.

USS Shadow--Bringing peace out of the middle of chaos.

Camelot--Everybody keeps secrets. What’s yours?

Camelot S01E02.jpg

It's Serenity Imorious' first day on the job as CTI's Major Case Team Leader, and there is a lot going on. Things aren't as simple as technical issues with the shuttle that exploded. The Captain, and First Officer are both acting suspicious. Riots are going on down on the En'ali homeworld, while Rear Admiral Joodet Celidor is on the surface trying to broker a treaty with the En'ali. A hologram created by a cadet is causing blackouts in random areas of the base on the Chief of Security's first day. And, someone put balloons all over the new Assistant Chief of Security's office.


Shadow S01E02.jpg

The Shadow goes through crew changes while being retrofitted. This episode will focus on Serina being installed on the ship's systems, and the discovery of an stable, artificial wormhole.


Also being worked on is Camelot's third episode, Secrets, and the Shadow's third episode, Modern Mafia.


Saturday, January 5th, 2019: Happy New Year! In the last year we have discussed doing some revamping Section 42 background, mainly it's characters, their involvement in canon events, and the Shadow's history. Some of that is presently under development off site, and will be showing up soon. Hoping this will revitalize us some.

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Wednesday, June 10th, 2015: 1) Added Log and Holodeck Program links in the dropdown menues (Camelot, NAPB, and Database). You will also notice some folders on the Google Docs area for writing fun related to the Holodeck Programs. Both subjects are mostly for fun/reference, but pieces from both can be included in episodes as desired/pertinent. 2) Officially considering Episode 3 of both Camelot and the Shadow open for posting. ENJOY!

Friday, April 3rd, 2015: New section added to a few profiles that will be eventually added to all profiles: Notable Relationships. This is for notable family members, romances, friends and coworkers. It helps define relationships that wouldn't normally be explained by the History section.

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015: Episode lists updated for various changes (including dates, etc), and Episode 3 for Camelot and the Shadow, and their talk pages, are up.

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